Merchant Deposit Capture

Our cost-effective scanning system streamlines your check-depositing process.
Business owners are busy - and so are their office staffs. Anything that reduces workload is a welcome addition to the daily routine. That's what makes Merchant Deposit Capture a popular business tool. Your team simply scans incoming checks into your business computer network and then uses a special app to send images to the credit union - and directly into your account.
  • Make remote check deposits at any hour
  • Reduce credit union trips by your employees or a paid courier
  • Free up your office team for other mission-critical work
  • Lower transaction costs and maximize cash flow with quicker deposits
  • Get access to funds as quickly as the next business day
  • Easily generate reports of each day's deposit activity
  • View check images anytime

  • Log in to access the RDC application that guides you through the process
  • Scan your check
  • Advanced CAR/LAR technology reduces data error and operator intervention by accurately reading the amount, account number and other pertinent information
  • After the check is scanned, images and data are transmitted to us through a secure line and your process is complete
  • You'll receive an email confirmation of deposit from us
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