Share Certificates

Give your money time to grow and the results can be impressive.
Depending on your financial outlook and life goals, the future can be right around the corner - or years down the line. The good news is that Share Certificates offer a range of savings periods, so you can pick one that best fits your definition of "tomorrow." Whatever your choice, you'll enjoy a higher dividend rate than what's offered by most traditional savings accounts.
Regular Certificates
  • $500 minimum to open certificate
  • Share Certificate terms range from 3 months to 10 years
  • Tiered dividend system means bigger balances can earn more
  • Safe, secure savings tool with some deposits insured by federal government
Wealth-Builder Certificate
  • Available for members up to 18 years of age*
  • $100 minimum deposit to open certificate
  • Tiered dividend system means bigger balances can earn more
  • Choice of one-year or two-year terms
  • Additional deposits allowed ($50 minimum)
Empower Federal Credit Union is a full-service financial institution serving members throughout New York State.
Simplify money management
Flexible features and even better benefits help you manage your money in a way that works for you.
*Once the certificate holder turns 18 years, the Wealth Builder Certificate will be converted to a standard Share Certificate. The conversion will not occur until the maturity date following the member's 18th birthday.