Trust Accounts

Make sure that your assets will be distributed exactly as you wish.

Trusts are like promises to loved ones or others who may receive your assets when you pass on. They're an important step in establishing your legacy. A professional estate planner or attorney can help create trust agreements for children, family members with special needs, favorite charities, and even beloved pets. Work with your professional estate planner or attorney to create a trust agreement, and then contact us to establish your Trust Account.

  • Accounts can be set up as Revocable Trusts, meaning they can be changed within your lifetime, or Irrevocable Trusts, which cannot easily be changed.
  • Irrevocable trusts generally offer tax benefits. Consult your financial or tax advisor for details.
  • Trust accounts earn competitive interest and can be monitored with digital banking tools.
  • Trust accounts generally are not subject to probate court approval or challenges.
  • Trusts prevent courts from controlling your assets if you are incapacitated.
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