Open an Account

Put your money in a place where it can make a big difference.
At Empower FCU, we offer friendly service and convenience. We also offer accounts of all kinds - Share Savings, club savings, Premium Money Market and checking. Given our competitive dividend rates and 24/7 digital banking tools, the few minutes it should take to open one should be time well invested.
If you're new to Empower FCU
Your first account will need to be a Share Savings account. All it takes is a $1 minimum deposit and you'll become an Empower member and be eligible for all our other accounts, loans and financial services.
If you're already an Empower FCU member
You've got the green light to open any additional account. Open a second account through online banking and enjoy our quick, easy process. 
Joint Accounts
  • Each applicant must have their own Primary* Membership Share Savings with a $1 minimum deposit. (As primary account holder, their name must be listed first.)
  • You may opt to add one or more joint owners to the account at time of application or at a later date.
  • Example: John and Jane want to open a joint account. Each must establish their own primary membership share savings account. A joint owner may be added at time of application to one or both accounts.
Who Can Join?
  • You are employed by/or retired from any of our member companies.
  • You are a member of/or employed by any of our eligible associations or organizations.
  • You are an immediate family, or household member of an Empower Federal Credit Union member.
  • You live, work, worship, or attend school in an area included in one of Empower's neighbor areas.
Empower Federal Credit Union is a full-service financial institution serving members throughout New York State.