Pay for purchases with a simple tap or swipe of your smartphone.
The days of digging into your pockets every time you go shopping, dining out or to entertainment venues are over. Chances are, your smartphone is within easier reach. Just link it to your Empower FCU credit or debit card and you can make quick payments without cash, checks or even the cards themselves.
  • Works with most Samsung, Apple and Android mobile devices
  • Follow simple instructions to link your Empower debit or credit card - or both
  • Choose which card you want to use for each purchase
  • Security safeguards prevent personal and financial data from being shared with merchants
  • All Mobile Wallet purchases are automatically recorded on your Empower Online Banking page for later review   
Apple Pay
  • Easy and secure. Card details are not stored on your device, and are never shared with merchants. With Apple Pay, a unique Device Account Number is assigned. When you make a purchase, a transaction-specific dynamic security code is also created, so your card number is never used for a purchase.
  • Adding Empower cards to Apple Pay. To use your Empower debit or credit cards with Apple Pay, you must add them to Passbook. Within the app, just tap the plus sign and follow the onscreen instructions.
Look for these symbols at checkout:

Google Pay
Google Pay offers multiple layers of security and increased convenience.
  • Online or in app: Check out quickly and securely
  • Pay others: Send or request money. All you need is an email address or phone number.
  • In Store: Widely accepted in stores and offers additional security. Google uses an encrypted number instead of the actual card number.

Look for these symbols at checkout:


Samsung Pay

Carry your Empower credit and debit cards, along with gift cards and membership cards on your device. Samsung Pay constantly monitors your supported Samsung device to keep your information safe.

Look for this symbol at checkout:

Digital Wallets utilize the NFC (Near Field Communication) capabilities of compatible mobile devices to securely exchange payment information with the merchant’s card terminal. Your digital wallet can be used anywhere mobile payments are accepted. Most modern terminals are capable to accept mobile payments. Look for this symbol on the terminal:

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