Enhancement Guide

We're always looking for ways to improve your Online and Mobile Banking experience.
At Empower Federal Credit Union, we know that managing your money is only one of many things you do each day. And so we're constantly upgrading our digital banking tools to make them as user-friendly, fast and efficient as possible.

January 2023

In the past, uploaded attachments in the message center on the Empower FCU mobile app were not displaying. The app would display a message stating to use the full site to view attachments. Now, mobile banking will display the attachment in the message center.


To make it easier for our members to move easily between desktop Online Banking and Mobile Banking, the appearance of "Transfers" in Online Banking as been updated. The tabs in the transfer screen now mirror the same options available in the Empower FCU app.




When downloading transactions from the Desktop website, the start date now requires all four digits for the calendar year.


eDocs now has an enhanced subscription disclosure:


Upgraded Financial Wellness personal finance tool to ensure that categories refresh after updates. Previously, when a transaction’s category was changed, the page didn’t refresh.


Options have been added under Business ACH Alerts


Empower FCU Contact page has been updated


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